Inspiration, creativity, the spark, enterprise, energy, risk-taking, moving without edges, like fire, like fears and beliefs, like memes, oration, vibe shifts, annoying affirmations, cultural association and replication.

The OTT wands would not stick to black and white. A mix of choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic temperaments (aka
Goethe’s colour wheel) feature in these cards.

WANDS_ACE: The Ace has the bravest energy in the set - that first spark that shifts momentum, represented in the choleric oranges of the adventurer. The first wand spark comes from a cloud, as if from nothing, with the message to be bold, and not to be held back by the hesitancy of the melancholic (violet) pedant.
WANDS_02: The more mature version of the Ace of Wands, this card indicates planning and taking the first step forward. The traditional card features a miniature globe, mountains and ocean; a vast terrain of possibilities. The choleric (orange) energy of the adventurer also echoes the robes featured in the traditional card. A moon orbits - maybe the most famous of first steps and the result of much planning.
WANDS_03: The third of a trio of making things happen - from the spark of inspiration (Ace), via planning (02), to expansion and growth (03). In this card is a view over mountains, moving to the future with conviction, while Jupiter (planet of expansion) is orbited by its many moons.
WANDS_04: An exuberant celebration under a canopy of swirling flowers and sanguine greens, this card indicates harmonious community and home, togetherness with family and friends. Reversed, a reminder that it’s ephemeral.
WANDS_05: Rivalry and disagreement, but a more playful conflict than the other 05s. In this card, quivering adrenaline-fuelled olive-tree branches are stacked into a show-off structure, while the true tool of the contemporary flex indicates 5 people and 5 arguments.
WANDS_06: The olive branches are formed into a wreath. You’ve won.
WANDS_07: The olive branches now stack into a warming fire. The camp-fire of cope - protecting what you’ve gained, but (reversed) knowing that surrender is always close. The traditional card depicts a man wearing different shoes, indicating uneven ground and unstable structures. Here, a nod to that with the footprints of a moonbird appearing in the snow.
WANDS_08: This card shows 8 blossoming wands moving through the air. The difficulties of the previous card (surrender) are over, and nothing will stand in your trailblazing way.
WANDS_09: This card indicates the need to rest and recover, heal from past struggles. The protagonist (you) is too exhausted to effectively progress her ambitions, but refuses to back down and retains a maniacal grinding energy. Normalise asking for help and re-setting.
WANDS_10: Traditionally symbolised by a heavy pile of wood, this card indicates the struggle and success of making it. After this, you can relax and revel in success. They are all saluting you.
Page of Wands: Standing boldly in barren land, whipping up a sandstorm of ideas. The hot desert aligns with the Wands’ element (fire) and represents a world that has not bared fruit yet. This is a card about curiosity and excitement, and its reverse of impatience and distraction, and walking the ridge between them.
Knight of Wands: Ready for action, prepared, on a horse with a mane of flames. Charged up, full of life, never a dull moment. Like all the wands in the set, a mix of colour temperaments means there are more sides and nuance to action: recklessness, adventure, energy and consequence.
Queen of Wands: The queen holds a sunflower, representing a life of happiness, warmth, satisfaction, and sustenance, while a black cat at her feet hints at hidden depths of subconscious and intuition.
King of Wands: Creativity, charisma, life’s passion, infinity and the cosmos. This card is a reminder that you hold power over your own experiences.
function draw ( ) {
balance (contradiction);
internal (external);
many (one);

Tarot Code is a series of original works created in p5.js.