Hard work, the earth, material resources, money, cyclical movement, over and over, learning through labour and grind.

Coins_Ace: A new cycle is beginning, a seed planted. We don’t know (yet) if it leads to abundance or to scarcity, it’s too new. The resources have been switched on and the first rotation of momentum generated.
Coins_02: Infinity denotes a boundless capacity to stay afloat, somehow handling everything that lands upon you. The reverse is juggling, and the risk that brings. Eagle eyes will notice that this is not a functioning infinity, we have to make do with the resources we have at the time.
Coins_03: Resources come together for a common goal. Here they are maintaining a semblance of equilibrium among coordinates, each dependent on the other’s gains. It’s an eternal game in life, the constant struggle to resist competing with our friends.
Coins_04: This is the hoarder. Obsessive thoughts of resources rising up all around their consciousness, while they calculate and hodl tight to keep their possessions safe, holding so tight that movement is impossible.
Coins_05: The 05 of each suit symbolises adversity. Here, the hardship of lacking basic necessities. Rain falls, heavy and cold, programmed manually with meagre p5js resources. The gradient background indicates faint dawning, because hope remains that change and recovery is coming.
Coins_06: Being secure means being able to give freely, maybe gradually and slowly, but over and over, bit by bit, accumulating a world of generosity, cutting the conditional strings attached.
Coins_07: The 07 of Coins is a garden. There is labour and fatigue involved in nurturing the crop (for crop read: your long term goals) and the ever present anxious voice saying you might not reap the rewards. Patience, nothing is in vain, and if it is you can redirect your efforts next cycle.
Coins_08: There’s this idea of flow - a state of complete focus and absorption in a task. Flow is (allegedly) an energising state of confidence and momentum, with enough challenge to keep you existing towards the edge of capability. The eight of coins is the craftsman, mastering tools in a state of flow. Or, the reverse, accepting mediocre outcomes by admitting defeat and languidly going with the flow.
Coins_09: Wealth and plentiful harvests, vines dripping with fruit, Financial Independence Retire Early, it’s time to enjoy leisure and material comfort. But, with just a short stumble or misdirected energy, this material security can be revealed to be built on shaky sands of recklessness and false displays of stability. Take a step back and grab the opportunity to figure out what is most important.
Coins_10: Your legacy is assured. Reap what you sow. This card is a reminder to focus on the long not the short cycle. The spinning coin that has been gradually accelerating through the set reaches a climax here to indicate the passing of time where, in retrospect, each season was the blink of an eye.
Page of Coins: Youthful ambition nourished by gifts of resources, enabling the kind of energy, determination and diligence needed to complete tasks. Bit by bit. This is not the time to feel overwhelmed, you can ask for assistance. Resist distraction and missing the forest for task-focused trees.
Knight of Coins: All the coin court cards revolve around work and responsibility. Unlike the other knights, the Knight of Coins stays on his land. He looks down at his feet. This card is special, so has a rare all white format; a non-conforming graphic counterpoint to the conforming dedication of this energy. This card shows resources mined, the machinery of extraction, old established methods, status quo, the inevitability of hard work in service of a larger system, the danger of being stuck over and over in the same routine, the fear of apathy or burnout, an eventual depletion.
Queen of Coins: Tools or jewels! This is an OTT card to describe the luxury and comfort of the Queen of Coins who has reached a state of prosperity and nurtures herself and those near to her. Don’t mistake her for a homebody - she also holds the resources for ambitious ventures. When this energy is reverse, the focus on the material may manifest in accumulation, severing the connection to the making, the building, the communal, the earth.
King of Coins: At the apex of a suit of cycles and earthly resources is the King of Coins. This card indicates wise investments, the support of established mentors, maybe the tough love of a VC. Reversed, the king may have been impatient, indulgent, may have over-stretched, over-promised or gambled. You are the provider of you flourishing realm, think of value rather than cost.
function draw ( ) {
balance (contradiction);
internal (external);
many (one);

Tarot Code is a series of original works created in p5.js.